Consumer Panel

Consumer insights and performance metrics collected and analyzed from the smartphones of opted-in panelists across the U.S.

Get Ahead of the Curve

GWS provides timely insights, extracted from our OneMeasure Consumer Panel (OMCP), to companies, investors, and analysts wanting to understand how consumers engage, how products and services are used and viewed, and which brands are competitive and trending up or down. The OMCP provides you access to actual, predictive user data so you can make informed decisions.

A View to Consumer, Competitor, and Market Behavior

Smartphones connect people to the world — they are a part of everyone’s everyday life. GWS’ OMCP can provide you with a lens into a day in the life of the consumer. Whether it involves lifestyle, shopping, finance, social media or entertainment apps, we anonymously collect information on how consumer engage with them including key metrics such as time of day, duration, frequency, and performance.

How it Works

The OMCP is an opt-in consumer panel that generates key measurements and stats related to mobile app usage, app and network performance, and consumer behavior. It collects data on consumer Android smartphones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whenever and wherever consumers use their devices. In addition to extracting mobile insights, the OMCP can conduct targeted surveys with consumer panelists based on demographic and/or usage criteria.

Over 50 Million Data Points Collected Daily

OMCP panelists (aged 18+) are recruited from the top 41 metropolitan areas across the US along with consumers located in less populated areas (overall, covering 98% of the U.S. population). Approximately 54 million data points are generated daily by panelists. Data is anonymously collected and reported in aggregate for market research purposes only.

Options For Analyzing What’s Important To You

Data can be segmented and analyzed by demographics, geographical areas, longitudinal perspectives, vertical markets, and more. GWS’s anonymized opt-in panel provides critical insights into smartphone engagement — what apps are being used, for how long and by which demographic. Smartphones are with us most of the time and used for everything from completing daily life tasks and activities to communicating, entertainment, and social engagement. As a result, how consumers interact with their phone tells us a lot — it’s a new, more measurable and meaningful way to understand what motivates your customers or targeted audience, and what’s driving the competition.

f(real data + probing insights)GWS = Informed decisions. Get ahead of the curve today!